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Travelling to Cyprus

Travelling to Cyprus

Travelling To Cyprus


Welcome the birth place of Aphrodite who was the most beautiful woman in the world. The island of Cyprus has always been at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. Since ancient times it has been used both as an important trading port for ships and as a military base. Because of these reasons almost every time it has an importance for states.

As you know after the 1970s the island divided between two parts across the north and south. And the south is the Greek Republic of Cyprus and the north is include Turkish Republic. This north half of the island recognised only by Turkey.

After the division, European tourists mostly prefer the south part of the island which is under the control of Greece. But today I want to talk about a little bit the north half of the island which Turkish people say The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Firstly I want to write about currency. In the northern Cyprus people use Turkish Lira. As you know, Euro is more valuable than Turkish Liras. According to today’s rate (20 june 2019) 1€ is approximately equal to 6,50 TL. Namely, your currency is six and a half times more valuable than Cyprus currency.

The North Cyprus has only one airport which is Ercan. You can choose your flight time according to your pleasure. When we comes to accommodation. You can stay at five star hotels at an affordable prices. You can choose not only bed and breakfast hotels but also all-inclusive hotels. You can swim in the pools, you can shop in the markets, you can taste delicious local foods and also you can enjoy at nights in the pubs or casinos. You can follow our hotel and food suggestions in our next article. Have fun.


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