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10. Sınıf Reading

10. Sınıf Reading

Merhaba arkadaşlar, yaz tatilinin ortasına yaklaştığımız bu günlerde sizlere bir reading aktivitesi paylaşacağım.Bu paylaşımım özellikle yaz tatilinde reading ödevi alan ama bu ödevi düzenli bir şekilde nasıl yapması gerektiğini bileyen öğrencilere ufak bir hatırlatma niteliğindedir. İndirmenize gerek kalmadan ben tüm yazıyı aşağıda paylaşacağım ama size kolaylık olması açısından indirebilmeniz için linkini de paylaşacağım.

Directions: Please answer the following questions about your summer reader. The answers should be typed in following format:
•1” margins

•12-pt Times New Roman Font

•Double Spaced

•A header with your last name and page number in the upper right hand corner

There will be an example given to you so that you will be able to follow the format. You will also answer the following questions for your book report. The answers must be given in a full sentence. Each section should be at least ONE PAGE LONG.

I.First Reactions (Page 1)

A.Immediately after finishing the novel, write your reactions. Please write down your emotions, if you enjoyed the novel, if you thought it was realistic, etc. Please write at least one paragraph.

B.Try to relate the action or the outcome of the story to your own life or reading experience.

1.How did you see yourself?

2.What lesson did you learn?

3.What memories from your past that you had forgotten did this remind you of?

4.Have you ever experienced something similar to this situation?

II.Plot and other mechanics (Page 2)
1.State the time and situation, including the time period in history or the season, in a complete sentence.

2.State the actual geographic location in a complete sentence (country, planet, home, etc.). Be as specific as possible.

III. Characters (Page 2)
List 3 characters and include the following for each:

1.Name of the main characters. State the conflicts (is the conflict in the person’s mind or with their outerworld) that motivate and shape the character in a complete sentence.

b.State the key personality traits of the character – 2 or 3 words in a complete sentence (for example,confident, nervous, hard-working, and lazy, etc.).

2.Name of the first supporting character

a.State the conflicts (internal and external) that motivate and shape the character in a complete sentence.

b.State the key personality traits of each person – 2 or 3 words in a complete sentence (for example,ambitious, lonely, overprotected).

3.Continue with the same format as 1 and 2.


IV.Point of view (Page 3)

1.Which is used? (for example, first person, third-person limited, omniscient)
2.How does using this point of view actually affect how the reader puts himself or herself into the story?
3.How would the story be different if the story had been told from first person point of view?Would that make the story more personal or more objective?

V.Plot – (page 4)

1.Please write a three paragraph summary of the novel which will focus on the beginning, middle, and end of thenovel.

2.Identify where the major climax (the most important part/turning point of the story) is, what conflict it solved,and the reactions of the people in the book to this situation.

3.Ending – How is the conflict solved at the end of the story? What are the effects on the characters?4.Would you change the ending of the story? If so, how would change the ending? If not, why would you leavethe ending the same?

VI. Answer These Questions on separate papers 

1. Are the following statements RIGHT or WRONG? Justify by quoting the text:

a)Lord Henry must be old and he regrets it.
b)Dorian agrees that it is wonderful to be young.
c)Lord Henry advises Dorian to be as moral as he can in his youth.
d)Dorian wishes that both he and his portrait could remain young.
e)If Dorian had grown old normally, his life might not have been a disgrace.
f)Dorian destroyed his portrait with his hands.
g)The servants identified the dead man at once.

2.How does Dorian feel at the beginning of his conversation with Lord Henry? Which expression
shows this? What are the effects of Lord Henry’s speech on Dorian? What marks the turning

Ten of the following words from the text are nouns, ten are adjectives. If the word is a noun, say what adjective(s) can be formed from it and vice versa.

Ex.: beauty: noun → adjective: beautiful.
(a)beauty; (b) corruption; (c) courage; (d) dead; (e) depressed; (f) disgrace; (g) dreadful; (h)
exquisite; (i) horrible; (j) lonely; (k) misery; (l) old; (m) passion; (n) proud; (o) sad; (p) splendour; (q)
thought; (r) ugly; (s) wonder; (t) youth.

Essay (at least 250 words): How do some people try to stay young nowadays? Do you think it is necessary to look younger than your age?

The following words may help you: exercise, diet, cosmetics, creams, wigs, plastic surgery, blood
transfusions, pills…



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